Homescapes Is Almost Identical To Gardenscapes

Homescapes is the new game from Playrix, which have already landed with the Game Gardenscapes a real hit. The games do not differ greatly, because rather than rebuilding a garden, it is your job in Homescape to bring the family villa to Vordermann. Help Austin and get the free app in the respective stores. Article update: September 28th!

And this is what awaits you in Homescapes Hack In this game, too, the highly successful Match-3 principle comes into play. Why not? After all, millions of gamers love this kind of game. Unlike Gardenscapes, you do not build blossoming landscapes in this game, but become an interior decorator. Also the sympathetic main character Austin is again with it.

Play Homescapes free

Help Austin make a run down villa again. Again, this happens again by the exchange of objects through great new decoration and objects, walls and floors, which one gets in the Match-3-Game.



This is characterized by great boosters and fiery combinations, with which one reaches the goal faster. In Homescapes, too, Playrix relies on many of the narrative elements that make us travel together with Austin through his world and experiences.

Immediately after the installation of the approximately 180 MB file, you can play, because the intro can be skipped. Austin tells of his old parents’ house, which he would like to make again. When he entered the house, he stumbled directly over an old carpet, which he had long wanted to remove.

To get a more beautiful carpet, there is the first Match 3 game that needs to be solved. These are mugs, buttons and other everyday items. If the level is solved, there are coins as a reward. You can then replace the old carpet.

Just click on the list at the bottom left and click on the new carpet. You can of course choose the carpet, because there are three different available to you. After that, a dusty room has to be cleaned. Grab a vacuum cleaner and ensure purity. If you do not have enough stars to start a task, you must play a Match 3 game. Here is the iOS version.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack : Keep Moving Forward “UPDATE”

Keep Moving Forward!

As the time fly’s by your enemies are getting stronger, and they are gathering heroes from all over the globe to come attacking you at your homeland, prepare yourself for the Armageddon battle! It is to be or not to be, so using every single resource that is available at your surrounding area is a must, you should be also using the Fire Emblem Heroes cheats to have enough orbs which will be your main resource to raise a strong enough army to stand against the incoming attacks.



Archers Are Lethal When They Are in The Right Position.

The coloring of the summoning stones actually they do represent the attributes of the summoned hero, and each attribute would refer to the hero in a certain icon, but keep in mind that you will not be able to reach this stage of the game anyway without using the help of Fire Emblem Heroes cheats, so get ready and be straight without your goals you’d not want to waste any more time on alternative roads, and now as we speak here in this ultimate Fire Emblem Heroes guide! We shall be covering the hero’s attributes with details to help you to understand which attribute you going to add into your army, and which are not suitable for you.

  • Archers: they are very good at attacking from ranged positions, they can deal sever damage and there are many types of arrows that they can use depending on your plan at the combat, but their main weaknesses are the low defense on melee fights, so once the enemy gets closer to you, you are actually doomed, and your only chance is to fall back behind your front line heroes at the battle, you should be using this hero type so carefully and with caution, placing him at the battle is the most important part, get as many archers as you want using the orbs found at Fire Emblem Heroes Hack for free. And now let’s proceed to the next stage.

Get Sword Fighters as Many as You Want Using Fire Emblem Heroes Hack.

And as we have mentioned above the archers do play a vital role in the battles, but they are not the only ones, there are many other brave and important heroes that you should be considering to add into your line up such as.

The Sword Fighters: they are very strong against the magical attackers or archers, as they will deal server damage to them more than anyone else, and also their physical defense is actually super high, they can tank a lot of damage incoming out at you from other enemies, but still his main weakness is the magical attacks, any one ranged or has magical attack will deal massive damage to them, so be careful and equip them with the strongest gears out there using the Fire Emblem Heroes Hack orbs, and Moe forward towards the victory and nothing but the victory shall bring you back home.