Download Brawl Stars Android APK

With Brawl Stars game developer Supercell has sent a new title at the start. This is currently in the beta phase in Canada. So where can you download a Brawl Stars Hack Android APK?



The game developer Supercell, who is best known for his title Boom Beach, Clash of Clans Clash and Royale has recently sent the title Brawl Stars in Canada in the beta phase. This title could be the next success Title Developer Clash Royale. What is at stake in Brawl Stars and you can download as her Brawl Stars Android APK you learn in this news.

For Super Cells Brawl Stars Hack Germany is a top-down shooter with multiplayer battles; clearly therefore something completely new in the portfolio of the developer. In 3×3 battles the player steps with a selected by him beforehand character against your peers. With a victorious battle, the player chips, coins and elixirs can win, with which he can improve his existing heroes or unlock new heroes.

In principle, the game is about in a 3-Gefächten to try the opponents off and go out as a winner with its 2-Teamkamaraden. Here you can either compete or with players from their own communities against other combine to form a 3-team for a match with strangers players.


To make the game more interesting, Supercell has installed four different game modes in Brawl Stars. The players between Bounty, Smash & grave, Heist and showdown can choose. Bounty mode players must collect stars from defeated opponents. In mode Smash & grave every few seconds new crystals are dropped from the middle of the field, which can be collected by the two teams. The team, which was able to collect the first 10 crystals and could hold them for 16 seconds to win the battle. If a player has already collected more crystals and was killed by his opponents, his character makes all the crystals previously collected at the place where he died falling. These can then be collected from either the opponents or their own team members.