Homescapes Is Almost Identical To Gardenscapes

Homescapes is the new game from Playrix, which have already landed with the Game Gardenscapes a real hit. The games do not differ greatly, because rather than rebuilding a garden, it is your job in Homescape to bring the family villa to Vordermann. Help Austin and get the free app in the respective stores. Article update: September 28th!

And this is what awaits you in Homescapes Hack In this game, too, the highly successful Match-3 principle comes into play. Why not? After all, millions of gamers love this kind of game. Unlike Gardenscapes, you do not build blossoming landscapes in this game, but become an interior decorator. Also the sympathetic main character Austin is again with it.

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Help Austin make a run down villa again. Again, this happens again by the exchange of objects through great new decoration and objects, walls and floors, which one gets in the Match-3-Game.



This is characterized by great boosters and fiery combinations, with which one reaches the goal faster. In Homescapes, too, Playrix relies on many of the narrative elements that make us travel together with Austin through his world and experiences.

Immediately after the installation of the approximately 180 MB file, you can play, because the intro can be skipped. Austin tells of his old parents’ house, which he would like to make again. When he entered the house, he stumbled directly over an old carpet, which he had long wanted to remove.

To get a more beautiful carpet, there is the first Match 3 game that needs to be solved. These are mugs, buttons and other everyday items. If the level is solved, there are coins as a reward. You can then replace the old carpet.

Just click on the list at the bottom left and click on the new carpet. You can of course choose the carpet, because there are three different available to you. After that, a dusty room has to be cleaned. Grab a vacuum cleaner and ensure purity. If you do not have enough stars to start a task, you must play a Match 3 game. Here is the iOS version.